Monday, March 22, 2010

GosuGamers! MyMYM!

1st post for the entertainment section!

For the header, they are nothing but gaming websites. & !!

forgot to mention. I'm a DotA freak. Although i don't admit it alot in front of people, but the truth is i really love dota. LOL .

Why? for those who doesn't know anything about dota would say many things. But trust me, when u do know about this game, u would find it as really amazing!

yeah, it's a e-sport. & it does require alot of critical thinking where ur logic, and ur capabilities to decide in crucial moment will be required to achieve a winning result.

Suit urself if u wanna know more about DotA . But control urself, u wouldn't want to be dragged by this game for whole day. ( Trust me, i ve got BEST experience for that xD)

Back to the header, i use these forums to read news about games ( well mainly DotA :P ) , dowloading replays et cetera .

I believe our local forumers also created a lot of gaming website like in garena site, & multiplay in lowyat forum.

Here's ss ( screenshots) of gosugamers for ur view :)

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